Autumn Surf Sessions
Mar 2014 17

Its been a weekend of extremes in Sydney – from big waves to big storms. Another crazy storm rolled through Saturday bringing torrential rain and lightening whilst on Sunday some of the best surf in months arrived off the back of Cyclone Lusi. Hope you all have a good week
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Australian Open of Surfing – Finals
Feb 2014 16

Sunday was the day that had it all – except the skating. The rain gods hadn’t looked favourably upon us and the day varied from wet, to very wet. Fortunately, the surfing finals were playing out perfectly with both of the top seeds making the final and the ocean conditions some of the best across the whole 9 day contest. [read more..]

Australian Open of Surfing – Day 8
Feb 2014 15

The penultimate day of the 2014 Hurley Australian Open of Surfing and the heavens opened. Tho whilst it was a bit soggy on the beach it didn’t dampen the spirits in the water.
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Australian Open of Surfing – Day 6
Feb 2014 13

Day six down at Manly for the Australian Open of Surfing and its been all about the girls today. Conditions in the ocean have been only just acceptable with the swell hovering around the 1 foot mark. Never the less, everyone gave it their all and a good crowd (considering its a thursday) turned out to help them along, [read more..]