Vivid Sydney 2014
Jun 2014 26

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Ok, so its a couple of weeks late but things have been pretty hectic round here! Hope you enjoy these shots from this years Vivid Festival – with even more installations and a run of good weather, this year was busier than ever! [read more..]

Easter in Arapiles
Apr 2014 30

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Setting off from Sydney solo on a 1200km road trip with a 6 year old to a camp site that has a bush toilet and a tank of rain water as its only amenities, I was definitely feeling like I had bitten off more that I could chew! I need not have worried tho – with good friends at the camp site and near perfect weather, plus a little road time entertainment courtesy of Apple an awesome trip was had by all [read more..]

Autumn Surf Sessions
Mar 2014 17

Its been a weekend of extremes in Sydney – from big waves to big storms. Another crazy storm rolled through Saturday bringing torrential rain and lightening whilst on Sunday some of the best surf in months arrived off the back of Cyclone Lusi. Hope you all have a good week
[

Australian Open of Surfing – Finals
Feb 2014 16

Sunday was the day that had it all – except the skating. The rain gods hadn’t looked favourably upon us and the day varied from wet, to very wet. Fortunately, the surfing finals were playing out perfectly with both of the top seeds making the final and the ocean conditions some of the best across the whole 9 day contest. [read more..]